There are no pre-entry requirements for the trainees undertaking only the UPRT course. For the UPRT course that is integrated with other training program the trainees shall fulfil the course specific pre-entry requirements.



The objective of the UPRT is to help the applicants to acquire the required competencies in order to prevent or recover from a developing or developed aeroplane upset. Prevention training prepares applicants to avoid incidents whereas recovery training prepares applicants to prevent an accident once an upset condition has developed.
Threat and error management and crew resource management principles are integrated into the UPRT. In particular, the surprise and startle effect as well as the importance of resilience development is emphasized.

The training also emphasizes that an actual upset condition may expose pilots to significant physiological and psychological challenges, such as visual illusions, spatial disorientation and unusual G-forces, with the objective to develop strategies to deal with such challenges.

The UPRT is integrated into all training programs (type ratings, TRI/SFI, CCQs). It is also available as a stand-alone course as follows:

  • UPRT for Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft for pilots.
  • UPRT for Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft for instructors. Upon completion of the UPRT course the certificate of completion shall be issued by

GreenDot. The certificate shall state that the training cannot be used for the purpose of flight crew licensing.

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