TRI Courses A320 and A330


Aviation is experiencing tremendous growth worldwide and as a result, airlines and training centres are scrambling for instructors!

Start your aviation training career now with GreenDot Aviation.


We can assure you that the activity is a rewarding one, whether it’s done on a full time or part time basis. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience, all you need is enthusiasm, dedication and a hunger for knowledge and self improvement”.


Join our A320 and A330 TRI Courses in 2019.

Schedules as follows:

10-20 January 2019    A320 SFI/TRI

18-28 February 2019  A320 SFI/TRI

21-31 March 2019      A330 SFI/TRI

20-30 April 2019         A320 SFI/TRI

21-31 May 2019          A320 SFI/TRI

20-30 June 2019         A330 SFI/TRI

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