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Sky No Limits is dedicated to helping pilots pass their ICAO English test

E-Learning Courses, Classroom Training, Benchmark Testing and Video

Conference Training

Classroom Training (AATC)

Intensive ICAO English (2 days)

We’ve learned that pilots usually wait until the last minute to study for the ICAO English test. This course gives them the skills and confidence they need to pass (minimum class size 8 students).

The course concludes with a benchmark ICAO English test.

This is not designed to raise a student’s level from 3 to 4, this is impossible to do in 2 days. It is
designed to familiarize students with the test structure and content and allow lots of practice in using standard phraseology and plain English in abnormal situations.

14 days advance booking required

Online Training and Testing
Benchmark ICAO English Test

This face to face test (via video call), accurately assesses the six critical areas of the ICAO English test. It identifies the weaknesses in each pilot’s English, so they know what language skills to improve.

Pilots schedule an appointment and log in at the specified time from their mobile device or computer.

A detailed report with the ICAO English results will be emailed to the test taker within 3 days.

Benchmark ICAO English Test

This online interactive test, using the latest voice recognition technology, accurately assesses the six critical areas of the ICAO English test. It identifies the weaknesses in each pilot’s English, so they know what language skills to improve.
Pilots log in at their own convenience from their mobile device or computer.
Your organization can log into the Learning Management System (LMS) to track the results of all students.

PIE (Practice ICAO English) course

Full E-learning course
It consists of extensive modules for Learning and Practice in the six critical areas of the ICAO
English test; giving pilots the essential skills they need to pass. They can access the course as often as they like, within the given period.
▪ Interactive speaking practice simulator
▪ Available for desk top, ios and tablet
▪ The new version, scheduled for the end of 2018, will be available on all mobile devices.

Video Conferencing – ICAO English lessons (groups)

Each student logs in on their mobile device from any location to join a live, interactive training
session with one of our world class Aviation English instructors.
The instructor delivers lesson content and provides valuable feedback, allowing the students to improve their overall language proficiency.
Students interact with the instructor and each other during the lessons.

High Performance Coaching
Who is this for?

▪ Airline executives, aviation professionals and pilots

One on one confidential coaching sessions (in person or via video conferencing).

▪ Removes limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your career
▪ Drives you to be proactive in your career development
▪ Empowers you to breakthrough limitations and reach success you never thought was possible.


About Sky No Limits
We are a team of Aviation English Specialists and High Performance Coaches, dedicated to assisting pilots in passing their ICAO test and advancing their potential. Our E-learning and classroom training focuses almost exclusively on improving listening and speaking skills.

Effective verbal communication is essential for safety in aviation and our interactive course content, in the context of unusual and unexpected situations, enables pilots to reach ICAO level 5 or higher, provided the individual can commit to putting in the time and effort required for language acquisition and personal development.

With our commitment to advancing human potential within the aviation sector, and understanding that effective leadership is the key to high performing teams, we added high performance coaching to our portfolio of services in 2018.

About the founder: Rachel Shieff

Rachel has a wealth of experience, with 14 years working at Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong, responsible for ICAO English training, testing and compliance, and 3 years working at FTE, an FTO in Spain, She developed the first ICAO test to be accepted by the HKCAD and UKCAA, and is a certified ICAO English examiner and member of ICAEA.

Rachel is a certified coach and NLP practitioner who gets satisfaction from helping others, in particular aviation professionals in achieving their full potential.


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