Commander Pre-Entry Requirements

Previously qualified on CS-25/FAR 25 aircraft and commercial operations and:

  • Valid ATPL.
  • Valid IR/ME.
  • Previous command experience.
  • ICAO ELP level 4 or higher.
  • Flight time:

      –  1500 hours as pilot.

      –  1000 hours on CS-25/FAR 25 aircraft.

      –  200 hours’ experience as airline, corporate or military transport pilot.

  • UPRT certificate of completion (if applicable)

 First Officer Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Valid ATPL or valid CPL and have passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with Part- FCL.
  • Valid IR/ME.
  • MCC certificate (Note).
  • ICAO ELP level 4 or higher.
  • Flight time:       – 70 hours as Pilot In Command on aeroplanes.
  • UPRT certificate of completion (if applicable).


The aim of the A330 Type Rating Course is to train cockpit crews to:

  • Operate the aeroplane within its limitations.
  • Complete all manoeuvres smoothly and accurately.
  • Maintain control of the aeroplane at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or 
manoeuvre is never in doubt.
  • Understand and apply crew co-ordination and incapacitation procedures, if applicable.
  • Be able to recognize the developing upset and be familiar with upset prevention and recovery procedures.
  • Be familiar with the requirements and procedures of PBN.