A320 TO A330 CCQ


All trainees wishing to obtain a Part-FCL compliant type rating shall meet the pre-entry requirements as specified below. Applicants who have completed UPRT course for Airbus FBW aircraft elsewhere and can provide the certificate of completion shall be credited towards the UPRT requirements (theoretical part and the FFS UPRT session).
The Head of Training checks whether the below pre-entry requirements are met.

  • Valid flight crew licence.
  • Qualified on the base aircraft (A320).
  • ICAO ELP level 4 or higher.
  • Minimum of 3 months of operation on the base aircraft.
  • Minimum of 150 hours on the base aircraft.
  • UPRT certificate of completion (if applicable).


The CCQ course is designed to transition qualified pilots within the Airbus “Fly-by-Wire” family. The CCQ course addresses:

  • The differences between the base aircraft and the difference aircraft.
  • UPRT.

This CCQ footprint and the detailed content is applicable when the base aircraft is the A320 and the pilot is transitioning to the A330. Completion of the syllabus in this Training Manual ensures compliance with Part-FCL. Training exercises are addressed in a systematic order and repeated where needed. Instrument approaches will be exercised down to CAT I minimums.