Welcome to GDA

GreenDot Aviation™, GDA, was formed in July 2014. We are an EASA approved ATO operating under the Authority of Slovenia as SI.ATO.024. providing all your Airbus training requirements.

We are a group of pilots that saw the need for personalized and high quality Airbus training. We offer numerous courses which are available to Airlines as well as individuals.

We pride ourselves in the fact that most of our instructors are still currently flying in different airlines around the world as instructors and examiners.


UPRT Seminar update



AATC and GDA completed 3 seminars in the month of June and they were well attended.
Our thanks to the following participants for their attendance and commitment to continued flight safety:
CAAT – Civil Aviation Authority Thailand
CCAA – Civil Aviation Authority Croatia
Thai Airways
Philippine Airlines
Villa Air
Golden Myanmar
Asian Wings Airways
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines
Myanmar Airways International
Himalaya Airlines
Nesma Airlines

All attendants were briefed on the Regulations and implementation procedures of UPRT in CAT Operators as proposed by ICAO, FAA and EASA.

Mitigating Loss of Control In Flight (LOC-I) is an ICAO Top Safety Priority.
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is one means to address this priority.
Since 2016, under EASA regulations, UPRT became mandatory in recurrent airline training programs. Soon it will become mandatory for initial type rating programs as well as recurrent training. Instructors need to receive extra training so that they can safely and effectively deliver UPRT within the Validated Training Envelope (VTE).
Our UPRT training program in GreenDot Aviation, comprehensively mitigates the Loss of Control In flight threat with intensive focus on training airline jet pilots in the commercial aviation sector, to be able to recognize, prevent and if necessary, recover from an aeroplane upset.
Join us at GreenDot Aviation for one of the most comprehensively trained UPRT courses available in the world today. It is also the first and only comprehensively trained UPRT course that effectively deals with ICAO and EASA regulatory requirements in Asia.
Our trainees receive an intensive two day training course which deals comprehensively with aerodynamics and their practical application in today’s commercial jet airliners. Trainees not only receive comprehensive ground school tuition but also practical tuition in A320 or A330 simulators that covers unusual attitudes, wake turbulence recoveries and alternate control strategies. Trainees also receive instruction on real-life scenarios developed from evidence based training (EBT) and obtained from actual situations in airlines in the regions.
The lack of manual handling skills in airlines around the world has resulted in a degradation of aircraft handling and loss of situational awareness which has resulted in many incidents and accidents worldwide. Loss of Control in flight is one of the leading causes of hull losses and fatal crashes in commercial aviation worldwide.

Our 2 day course includes:
• One full day of academic teaching
• 4 hour specialized flight instruction in the prevention and recovery of aircraft with our UPRT expert instructors
• 2 hour debrief with a dedicated de-brief station that facilitates a thorough and visual debriefing and allows the trainee to further absorb and understand situations that could lead to loss of control in flight

Contact us now for more information and come and join us at GreenDot Aviation for your UPRT training.